My 12 year old (75 lbs 4'9"), has severe generalized anxiety disorder and barely sleeps. He often wakes up to vomit from the anxiety - no matter where he sleeps. A psychiatrist prescribed 1/2 to one .1 Clonidine pill to help him get to sleep. He said it should give him at least 6 hours. The 1/2 pill did nothing. However, with a whole .1 pill he is averaging about 2.5 hrs of sleep. Last night took it at 9:30, awoke at midnight. Up til 4am - couldn't get back to sleep. Came to me. I researched it a little and gave him another .1 pill at 4:30am. Up at 7am. I had never given him more medicine than the Dr prescribed before this. We've been on this med about 2 weeks. Kids this age need 9 1/4 hrs of sleep a night and he averages around 5 for about the last 4 weeks. Can anyone, especially medical professionals, PA's etc, comment on the dosage? Is it correct? I've contacted the doctor but it is a Labor Day so he may not get back to me.