... abnormal stress echo which showed two areas of concern. Inferior and anterior. Saw a cardiologist who was very “clinical”, no compassion despite me telling him I have severe panic disorder and Meniere’s disease. When I told him I am going to a plant based diet and I am going to lose weight and bring down my LDL which is 120, he told me I’m sitting on an atom bomb that might go off or might not. He said I have a 5 to 7% chance of having a heart attack. Told me don’t walk on an incline or let your heart rate go over 100. Panic attacks go way over 100! I don’t have chest pains, but now that I’ve had the diagnosis I am scared to do anything, walk, go up a few stairs, and I feel like I am hyper aware now and feel my chest is tight all the time. I am too scared to have the angiogram/cath and probable stents. And all of my research it shows that hard stents do not extend your life, and are of course good if you’re having an active heart attack but not otherwise. He said he will go along with my plan of losing 40 pounds in the next 10 months, but he wants me to repeat the stress echo in six months and have my cholesterol checked every three months. In the meantime he prescribed nitroglycerin and told me to take an aspirin a day. I feel like my life has come to an end and I will not be able to live this way in constant fear. With panic disorder comes horrible health anxiety, and right now I’m being crippled by it. Does anyone have any words of wisdom or any accounts of not going through with the angiogram/catheter and heart stent or stents? Thank you for listening!