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Coricidin HBP Cold & Flu - can a person be tested for the misuse of?

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mfpdfibro 27 Dec 2012

My daughter used to take and almost died over "tripple C's" This site is for real people with real problems not someone looking to get information on whether or not a drug they are abusing will be caught on a test. But I will tell you anyways that yes Dextramethorphan, the active drug in Coricidin HBP can make you higher than any other drug. Probably as close to heiroin. I took my daughter to the hospital because she wouldn't tell me what she was on and I demanded a drug test. Dextramethorphan show's up as PCP and/or Ketamene. Really Bad Drugs. Most states are supposed to ask for ID like the epinephrine (is that right) sinus medicine used to make chrystal meth or something. Anyway, heed my word! That is a serious drug that has long term brain damage to you even after you quit. It takes like 24 hours for the buzz to even go away. When my daughter went through detox it was not bad, but she want'ed the drug so bad and I had to babysit this 15 year old 24/7 for weeks.
I left her for less than 20 minutes, less than half a mile away and she took a whole brand new bottle of Amitriptyline that she thought was sleeping pills. She was rushed to the emergency room having convulsions in the ambulance and it literally took 8 grown men to hold her down so they could pump her stomach twice, then on into ICU for a couple of days, then locked down for two weeks thank God in a psychiatric group for teens. She has turned her life around 360 and won the community Youth Optomist Club Award her Senior year. She has two jobs now and goes to college full time. This kid is on the ball. You have a future. You are able to make the RIGHT choices. Please do so NOW! Don't mess with dextramethorphan and don't let your friends either. It is not just a little fun, it is a lot of disaster. I pray you listen to my warnings. free discount card

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