My wife has chronic pulmonary issues and has been hospitalized too many times to count. She was intubated, put on a vent last night (1/28/2014), and was admitted to the ICU. Which I had some time to think about how unprepared I always am when I have to take her to the Dr. or the ER and was looking for an easier way to compile her medications ect. for easy access at the hospital. I have had your app forever and last night I was doing something on it and I stumbled upon the mednotes profile creator. I spent a very good amount of time compiling her medical information last night as my poor wife lie unconscious.

What I am wondering now is that is it possible for me to have her create her own login (if she doesn't already have one) and import her profile i created onto her account? I know you have the "sharing option" but thats just a comprehensive list for that individual to print out.

The reason I want to do this is because (heaven forbid) if for any reason I am not with her when she goes to the ER or something like that she always has her phone on her, and can give the doctors what they need.

Thank you for any and all information!