I have had the copper IUD (Paraguard) for about 9 months now, and ever since the first month I had heavy bleeding for about a week each time (which they said is normal) except 4 to 5 days before I spot. Which I wouldn't call spotting its in between spotting and regular flow.. Sometimes I stain right through and my period isn't even started yet. Then my period comes and then after I spot/bleed another 4 to 5 days sometimes more. So that's more than 2 weeks of bleeding!! Each month I get it I get extremely bloated I do not fit into anything I have to live in leggings, almost all the time. The cramps I Get feel like contractions and sometimes my private area feels very sensitive like if every time I get my period I get symptoms of a uti... I got this after my first child last year. My periods before were very irregular... My question is to those who have had symptoms like mine or similar, did you get the IUD removed and felt better ?? Or did you wait it out and did it get better in time? If so how long until you felt better? When is Enough? Should I look into another option?