Hi. I learned some things that I'd like to share with you. I only had nose-face radiation, but I listened to the techs and doctor and learned things that could help everybody. I'll dispel some myths too- Radiation isn't a new thing-my father had it about 1954-55 and he didn't throw up. He had stomach cancer, and had many surgeries, where his small intestines were removed. We didn't have the burn cremes- fluorides for the teeth-a good diet that we have now. I rubbed baby oil on him and he maintained well. He was an experimental patient for his type of cancer.
I kept my hair. I was going to shave my hair off, but the doctor told me that I wouldn't lose it. I only lost hair in the radiation site-my upper lip and nose. My hair is still down below my shoulder blades. I had forgotten that my father didn't lose his hair either.
We have radiation everywhere-radon in the homes, at the dentist office, when we have X-Rays, CAT Scans, PET Scans, MRIs. This really isn't so different. I was told that I had a very high dosage.

Try not to freeze up from fear. The first day-they had to mark the area with a washable marker, so they could cut out the radiation area. The doctor asked me if I could slide over a few inches, change an angle. I did so. The doctor said good. Many patients refuse to move a finger, refuse to slide up or down, and the techs have to move you into position. The techs told me that many curse, when the techs try to position these patients. Some patients even hit and kick. It's obvious that any pain will be made worse by people moving you, while you are rigid, resisting or even fighting the techs. I'd rather move myself and control the pain.
Put one teaspoon of baking soda in 8 oz of water. Rinse your mouth out with that solution about half a dozen times a day. It helps fight dry mouth, any sores to heal up. Cancer and cancer treatments mess with your immune system, so a person that gets radiation on the leg can get mouth sores from the prick from a toothbrush bristle. My father had this problem-but we didn't know about the baking soda rinse. He also didn't know that food hot from the stove also made these sores.
EAT, EAT, and EAT. Choose your food wisely-vitamins, protein, calcium, calories. The first week, I became a chow hound. My scale showed that I lost several lbs in the first 3 days-I really ate-and regained the 3 lbs. Then the next week I gained more weight. The first week, the nurse asked me what I ate. She shared the recipes with other patients. 5 regained the lost weight, and maintained. 4 were busy- the 5th spent her time in bed.

Especially for mouth-throat radiation eat really soft food. Even with that-I had about 4 days-where it hurt my gum to eat poached eggs. My teeth aren't temperature sensitive- it's radiation on the roots of my teeth.