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How I can cope with Parkinson's disease?

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beckytom 16 Mar 2012

Are you on any Parkinson's medication? if not then you need to see your Neurologist or whatever dr. you are seeing. Are you in the early stages or progressing stage? I am in the early stages of Parkinsons Disease ( found out 3 yrs go) I take Carbo/Levo,3 times a day, Azelict 1 time daily and at night I take 1 pill to help with the RLS in my right leg. Emotionally I am dealing with it but I can see that I am getting a little slower, I dont answer questions as quick as I use to.. I take it one day at a time and live life to the fullest. Do not dwell on your illness, do the best you can and do NOT let your mind focus on this. We are in this together. Lets try to help one another.

Inactive 16 Mar 2012

Hello Tas53. There are web sites, such as this one, that offer a lot of support. And then theres the local commnunity health centre? Most towns be you living rural or urban, have some kind of support. You might contact your local library, they often have answers to many support services. Best wishes, pledge free discount card

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