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Please tell me the how to cope with initial side effect of paxil because anxiety worsen after 1day?

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LaurieShay 1 May 2014

Unfortunately, many antidepressants prescribed for anxiety will cause some heightened anxiety as a side effect in the beginning. It will take a couple of weeks for this to clear and another couple of weeks for the medication to reach max effectiveness. If the doctor has not prescribed additional medication to control the anxiety until the antidepressant begins to work, you'll have to push through this with deep breathing exercises and determination. You can do it!!

get out of it 2 May 2014

thank u so much I just really want to get out of my panic. It make my life hell. I am not even able to get out from my apartment from last 4 months. thank u for your support

endlessPred 1 May 2014

Also as your body adjusts, you will find the anxiety reducing. In the mean time be sure to stay out of stressful situations, if you can, and discuss any difficult symptoms with your physician and your therapist. Your therapist can give you coping skills that will help. Hang in there. A month passes quickly if you don't count the hours.

get out of it 2 May 2014

thank u so much

kmlvr9 2 May 2014

If your anxiety continues to worsen, I would talk to my dr. and ask if the tricyclic antidepressants would be better for you. Elavil and Tofranil has sedative properties that helps with anxiety as well as help you to fall asleep faster. Ive been on the Tofranil for years and it works well for me. Paxil is considered an SSRI antidepressant. I don't know what your condition is, but if the newer SSRI antidepressants like Paxil doesn't help, ask your dr. about tricyclic antidepressants. Good Luck and start feeling better!

get out of it 2 May 2014

it will be gr8 for me if u ask ur doctor. I am suffering from panic disorder since 2006. But I was able to cope with my anxiety through my own efforts. But now it stuck me so hard that I am not even able to get out from my apartment. I am just taken paxil for 2 days but I dont understand whether it is working for me or not. Plz help me and thank u for ur support

kmlvr9 3 May 2014

I will certainly ask my dr. if the tricyclic antidepressants are good for panic attacks. I will be seeing her next week! Hang in there! free discount card

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