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I have copd and want to quit smoking is using Nicorette gum a good idea?

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pamee 29 Sep 2014

Sure whatever helps is a good idea, the patch is also good. Google "quit smoking" and all kinds of support and tips to help you will come up. Good luck!

marti545 5 Oct 2014

Hi, I quit smoking 5 years ago, I had no choice but to quit. My Family Dr gave me a prescription for Nicotrol Inhalers. Little cartridges' that fit in a plastic inhaler. Worked wonders and I still use them once in awhile, look into it, expensive but my insurance covered them... I have my COPD under control pretty good now... good luck

pamee 5 Oct 2014

Hi Marty,
Is the nicotrol inhaler similar to ecigs?

jcolson 16 Jul 2015

E cigarettes are worst than cigarettes the nicotine inhaler is like the gum only you iinhale the nicotine in very small doses, by prescription only

marti545 6 Aug 2015

I'd go with the inhalers, e cigarettes are not the answer. Ask your doctor, he may have some samples.

jcolson 6 Aug 2015

I quit using both the patch and the gum made it a lot easier free discount card

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