Hey Folks,

Is There a support group on dc for COPD or quitting smoking tobacco? Does anyone know

I need both.

But I also have a strange general medicine type question.

I have COPD and was diagnosed about 4 years ago. However, being the thick headed addict I am, I continue to smoke cigars, and inhale them. So I keep getting worse. Of course. But as of Monday I got very much worse compared to Sat and Sunday. Which doesn't make sense to me. If we put breathing difficulty on a scale of 1 to 10, 1 being no difficulty, and 10 being running to a hospital asking for oxygen, I went from a 3 on Sat to a 9 on Monday. I was considering running to an ER. Instead I went to a Lung doc yesterday, but I guess I failed to stress how this became so much worse in 2 days.

So I ask myself, what went on from Sat to Mon? Here is what I came up with. But can either of these be responsible for making breathing so much harder?

1. I take Provigil on almost a daily basis. I get 30 a month but there are a few days out of each month where I need 2 a day. This must be, my livelihood depends on it. So Sat night the Provigil ran out. Thus happens every month. So is it possible that Provigil is making it easier for me to breathe? I say no, but what do I know. I don't know. I admit that. I do know I never noticed this before. And the Provigil run out every month. Usually I just feel more daytime sleepiness. But that's why I take them. Excessive daytime drowsiness. So this is 1 thing.

2. I had a really bad tooth that caused my gums to become very infected. The tooth was finally removed last Friday, but due to the infection I have been on Ampicillin for 10 or 11 days. Now I take ampicillin every year for something, and I have been taking it all my life. So rule out allergic reaction. Besides that, I quit the ampicillin on Monday and the breathing difficulty has remained. I was already using Spiriva for my lungs, and a rescue inhaler once a day. Now the doc gave me Symbicort too. So far I used it once yesterday, and once today. I think it helped yesterday. But here is the question. As many women know, too much of any antibiotic can cause a fungus infection in an area prone to fungal infections. The infamous yeast infection is a fungal infection. I'm pretty sure we have yeast all over in and outside of our bodies. Probably in the lungs or bronchial passages too. Usually a fungal infection is mild, and as soon as you quit taking the antibiotics the bodies own good bacteria will kill the little fungi soldiers. hehehe Think of bacteria and fungi as 2 armies. They are constantly at war, killing each other off. They keep each other in check. But when we take antibiotics for an infection somewhere, the good bacteria guys also get killed. So often the fungi army can cause it's own infection. And fungi love a moist area. The bronchial passages and lungs of a person with COPD is full of mucous. Much more so than if the lungs are healthy. So perhaps I developed a lung fungus infection, and that's why I can't breathe?

The doc told me that Symbicort can cause a yeast infection in the mouth, as a side effect. So I'm even scared that if I'm right about this, Symbicort will make it worse. What to do?

I realize I just made a case that makes this idea sound true. But sometimes my medical ideas are absurd, but since I'm not a doctor I don't know they're absurd. However, more often I'm right on. Anyone care to venture a guess? Any nurses here? Doctors? Anyone at all. Don't be shy now.