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What is better cool air humidifier or a vaporizer for upper chest congestion?

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kaismama 16 Feb 2014

A cool mist vaporizer is best. It breaks up mucous, steam congeals it.

suzanne66 16 Feb 2014

While a vaporizer works by heating water until it turns into hot steam, a humidifier creates a cool mist.
Either one will help.The moist air these devices create can loosen congestion.

endlessPred 24 Feb 2014

Winter is very very dry, where I live it less humidity than a desert. Humidity is the key. If always present you will have far less congestion. I use a cool air humidifier. Warm air is hard for me to breathe. Don't forget the hot chicken soup which has proven to help as does hot tea. (Yes, they really did a scientific experiment and found out that chicken soup loosens phlegm well.) All about the humidity. Oh, and milk does not cause a problem with phlegm, just an old wives tale. Experiment was done. free discount card

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