Instead of basing his Lantus Dosage on his morning fasting blood sugar result ( as he is instructed to do), he varies it widely (so unsafe!) based on his bedtime reading. No amount of explaining by our doctor has resulted in his staying on the right track with that. He just recently helped me understand why he does that. His logic is explained by this example: Let's say his bedtime reading is 250 mgm - he takes his prescribed Lantus dose of 50 units - his fasting glucose the next morning is 150, so he concludes it has dropped 100 mgms during the night (true). But the next night, his bedtime reading is only 150, so he figures that if he takes 50 units again, it will drop 100 mgm again during the night and he will wake up (or not wake up, as he fears) with a glucose of 50 mgm. I don't know to convince him that his fears are groundless and really messing up his regime. Does anyone have a suggestion as to how I can successfully communicate this? I'd sure appreciate any advice.