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How control of pimple is possible without using any drug on face?

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drw00d 23 Jan 2014

Many oral antibiotics and antiacne medications are out there. Creams cause wkij irritation, dryness, etc. Oral antibiotics get to the heart of the problem: the actual infections and clears it up that way.

HeadStarter 23 Jan 2014

For some people, it is the hormones going nuts during puberty. It is the junk food that is consumed... it is the lack of good personal hygiene... not washing hands and constantly touching the face and/or squeezing pimples further spreading bacteria.

Developing good habits can help. Using cleansers that are free from irritants can also soothe the skin. Constantly using antibiotics can diminish their effectiveness. Perhaps you have run the course with antibiotics.

I have had acne my entire adult life. It didn't begin to clear up until it was determined I had hypothyroidism. When I was put on the right thyroid medication... my skin cleared up, too. That was in my 50s. I tried everything under the sun for my skin... acid treatments, a form of dry ice, pills, birth control, applications... nothing worked.

You mentioned things you tried... what you didn't mention is how you eat and sleep. What do you consume that could be bad for you??? Are you into "fast foods"? Are you stressed out in your life??? Do you get plenty of rest and sleep?

Maybe you need to slow down a bit and take a look at what you are doing as well as what you are not doing.


Shyamthacker 2 Feb 2014

i take fastfood but in limit,and i think use of different soap,facewashes,are bad for me,i think if i stop to use soap facewash,there is control in pimples,but it causes oilyness &blackness on my skin,thank u for your answer

HeadStarter 2 Feb 2014

Hello shyamthacker and thanks for responding back. Have you tried a cleansing product called "Cetaphil"? It is a wonderful, gentle but highly effective cleanser. Also a soft, buff puff to use with this cleanser or any facial cleanser is helpful, too. Be gentle with your skin and no hard scrubbing or rubbing.

Drink plenty of water throughout the day and limit or stop consuming soda. If you smoke or are around people who smoke, this could be an issue, too. Fresh fruits, vegetables and lean meat or fish are also beneficial.

As I previously mentioned, it was determined my thyroid wasn't working properly. When I got on the right thyroid medication, my skin began to clear up. I was also a smoker which didn't help my skin at all, however, I gave up smoking some 30+ years ago. Healing can begin at any stage of life. I hope you have a positive outcome with good results.


Shyamthacker 5 Feb 2014

Thank you mary for your ansewr.I want to ask you some another questions,which type of thyroid problem had face by you,hypo or hyper thyroidism,or you said that taking soda or using scrub can damage to my skin how?using multani clay as a face pack can damage to skin? free discount card

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