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Is Contrave only for women? The commercial only shows women?

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Jenisonww 6 Feb 2017

I would think not. I think it's for anyone dealing with issues like ours. Overeating and using food for pleasure. It helps with the craving. I do agree that they need a new commercial with men also☺️

rosebud42 7 Feb 2017

Yes, I agree. Men seem to always get a pass in this area.

hopin32 10 Feb 2017

no, men take it as well.

Josh Lee 11 Feb 2017

Nope, Contrave is for both men and women. The commercial shows women because, even if I disagree, weight loss medications are targeted more to women than men and the advertisements reflect that.

rosebud42 11 Feb 2017

It's targeted towards women because we as a society have allowed this to continue. Women are constantly shamed for their appearance and as I was watching the commercial it really bothered me. It was just a barrage of sad overweight women. I realize that every situation is different and some people have a more difficult time losing weight than others, but it really comes down to the food we eat. I highly suggest everyone watch the documentary "Fed Up" . The main culprit in this country is sugar. I cut it in half (it's amazing where you'll find sugar) I've lost 10 ponds and have never felt better. free discount card

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