Ok, I had a very brief experience with the "freedom from food" feeling. Gosh, I loved that! It was shocking to me how much time I spent thinking about food! That was when I was on 1 in am, and 1 in pm. Then, just a few days later, that feeling was gone!

I have lost a little weight (4#) in a month, which doesn't seem great to me. Also I am using fitness pal to monitor cal/day, and I am really trying to keep it to 1200 cal/day.

I'm frustrated. I loved that feeling, the mindset that relegated food back to where it belonged, ie eating to live, instead of living to eat. But I'm right back to living to eat. Very discouraging! I do the weigh every day thing with the "Scaledown support", and the weighing is helpful. Makes me accountable.

Has anybody else noticed that wonderful feeling just disappearing?

Thanks for any input.
Big Betty