... symptom! I sometimes get the stomach pains, tiredness, shaking, exhaustion, and the mental fog. However, the pill is really taking away all my obsessive thoughts about food. I am feeling really empty though. It is like I don't know what to look forward to without food! I eat when I take the pills, but really don't feel any interest or urge to eat throughout the day which is great. That's what I wanted, but now I think I am getting depressed. I thought half of the pill was a depression pill, so how could this pill make someone be depressed?

I am slowly losing and exercising a lot. I look and feel better physically. I could really lose about 90 to 100 pounds to be a reasonable weight. I am down about ten pounds which is surprising since I am eating healthy and exercising so much more. Is Contrave affecting anyone else mentally? I'm hoping that I start to feel better soon. Thank you!