Three years ago I took Wellbutrin for depression. It made me feel better than I had in nearly 20 years and I lost 60 pounds without really trying. Then about 12-18 months ago the effects started to wear off. I became depressed again and regained the weight. I am wondering if any of the Contrave users had previously taken wellbutrin (bupropion) on its own as many of the comments sound similar to my experience with Wellbutrin alone. I am wondering if Contrave might provide me with the feelings I had when I first started taking Wellbutrin. I have tried adjusting the dose of wellbutrin and taking a break from it but nothing feels like it did when I felt so good during the first year. So I am trying to figure out if the success of Contrave comes for the Wellbutrin (from people experiencing the effects of Wellbutrin for the first time) or if the combination of the two drugs really makes a difference.