I started phentermine in 9/1/14, starting weight 272, height 5'". I have had tremendous result very quickly. My doctor decided that I should continue this massive progress by adding contrave to my daily medication intake. I take 1 phen and 2 contrave at 8am daily. My doctor wants me to take an additional 2 contrave at 1pm daily. I have tried this multiple times over the last few months but my side effects make it impossible to take in the afternoon.
Like many of you- I have stomach aches and pains- occasional heart/chest pain and above all I CAN NOT SLEEP! My weight loss has slowed down. I'm now at 206 as of 5/12/15.
I have kicked my exercise up a notch this past week and I'm back to 5-7 days a week at the gym. Sometimes twice in one day. I have the energy to do it and with the weight off- exercise has become easier.
I have recently completely changed my diet- we all cheat once in a while the key is to make it a cheating bite of cake- not the whole cake.
That said- I'm on a fruit and veggie diet with an occasional carb such as toast or pasta- If I eat a carb I do it early in the day. No eating after 7- I basically have 5-6 small snacks rather than huge meals.
When dining out I ask for a to go container when my food is delivered.
Problem is- I don't feel anything from the Contrave? My doctor mostly wants me to take it so I will be relieved of stress- but I only seem to be more anxious. I too have had trouble seeing- especially headlights at night while driving and I've begun to wear sunglasses at work when I'm looking at the computer screen. My eyes are very light sensitive and my vision that was perfect now seems blurry.
I had a full blood work up in January to make sure my organs were not being harmed by these drugs- everything came back normal including my liver and kidney function.
Is anyone else taking both drugs together? What's the most weight you've lost? Any tricks for taking contrave in the afternoon?
My goal weight is 140-150- we'll see if I ever get there?! Good luck to you all!
Stay away from GMO's- SUGAR! CORN! Buy local eat apples and berries. Stay away from bananas! Drink water only and cleanse your system daily!