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Contrave - Free scale??

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kaismama 5 Mar 2015

3 words do not make a question.

carben 5 Mar 2015

The info is on their website and yes, I think you can get a free scale. There is also a coupon you can download (I got about $40 off each month for I think 3 months).

Beckyw206 5 Mar 2015

I received the free scale for joining the Scaledown program. It is a very nice scale and everytime you weigh yourself, it sends your weight to the company. Approx. 1 minute after you weigh yourself you will get a text message telling you how much you have lost or gained. Your weight also appears on the scale. In the text message it will also give you a helpful hint on how to lose more weight. At the end of the week, they send you an email charting your progress. You will be the only one that can use the scale. Knowing that I have to weigh in everyday and someone is keeping track of my weight (even though it might just be a computer) makes me watch what I eat. I hate getting the text that tells me I gained a couple pounds and I am thrilled when I get one telling me how much I lost. I feel it is another good tool to use in my weight loss journey.

eulonda Taylor 12 Jun 2015

Blue eyes

fred20637 18 Aug 2015

I wouldn't consider it a 'free' scale. I have been using Contrave and decided to try the Scale Down program, the cost of which would initially be covered by Contrave. Signed up on a Sunday - free offer expired the following Sunday, scales were scheduled to arrive one day AFTER the free trial! I asked for an explanation - received no response - and I wasn't about to start paying $20/mo without a real opportunity to try the program.

kjt2 18 Aug 2015

Should be free as long as you are getting a subscription. Here is the link to get you savings card and who to sign up I hope that helps you. I wouldn't pay $20/mo, would not be worth it to me as well.

JayMonster 18 Aug 2015

The only reason that you would have to start paying for the program would be that you stopped filling your Contrave prescription. At that point you are invited to sign up and pay for the program, or disconnect it (the scale is apparently yours to keep regardless).

Pattybaby4 16 Nov 2016

It is very important to have a very good scale and accurate

Bellajaj 2 days 22 hours ago

I understand when you sign up you do get a free scale free discount card

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