I'll be going on a trip soon that will include wine tasting for a full day in wine country. I've been on Contrave for 6 days so far.
Will I be able to enjoy the wine in a couple weeks? Will I get the buzz from drinking?
I'm looking to have fun, relax, and really enjoy the entire trip. Will I be able to do that while taking this? The trip is coming up in a couple weeks.
I went out yesterday and had 1 vodka and cranberry. I hardly drank half of it and felt it go right to my head. I was also coming up on the time I normally take the 2nd dose, I was dehydrated, and I've only been taking it for 5 days up until that point. Hard to pinpoint the cause.
I want to point out I seem to be very sensitive to medications, either that or they work fast with me. I felt the effects on day 1, felt out of it.
I'm really doing ok with the side effects. I really want to succeed in my weight loss, desperately. So far I feel positive about this working. I've been trying to lose weight for so long and I keep gaining. My all time high was 277. I'm around 265 right now. I would love to just be under 200, 199 baby! That's my goal. Furthermore I'd like to be down to 165, but one goal at a time. First goal is 250! 2nd goal is 230! Then 210, 205, then 199.
Fingers crossed I get there this time. Like I said, I'm feeling pretty positive about it this time. I already feel full and don't seem to have any desire to "pig out" or go overboard like usually I'd do everyday. I'd fight that urge constantly or I'd give into it. Now I'm not feeling that same struggle.
So, simply put, I can't stop taking it now as an option to prepare for the trip. I hope I can still enjoy the trip. I look forward to your words of wisdom.
When it does come time to stop taking this, how does one do that? I would imagine taper off it under the doc guidelines, but looking for tips and tricks and guidance on that for future.