I was on Contrave for about a month lost about 5 lbs. as I increased dose it was to high 2 in am and 2 in pm. I felt like I was coming out of my skin I couldn't go out. It was awful. So I cut back to 3 a day and still felt the same... My pharmacist said take a Xanax and stop medication until I see dr . Which I did. 2 months later dr
Suggests starting Contrave again but staying on low dose of 1 daily and possibly going up to 2 a day in a week. Well I started late in day early evening then went to dinner had a half glass of wine and appetizers... As I started dinner i was sweating and as I have really bad hot flashes and restaurant seemed to be really hot to begin with.. Next thing you know I got up to go outside or in bathroom to wet face and I passed out. I have not taken Contrave again. As much as I would like to start again. I am also on Metformin for pre diabetes. Has anyone had this happen to them? I wonder if it was the alcohol which was only a half glass or I just had reaction or was it something else like I have told I was dehydrated.