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Contrave - Been on it for 3 weeks, no weight lost. Am I doing something wrong?

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hopin32 21 Oct 2016

In order to answer your question I would need to know a few things. Are you eating differently? Do you exercise? Do you track your food and water? Do you drink water? If you are not doing anything different the medication won't help. If you are - maybe I can suggest a few things?

Tovah 21 Oct 2016

I have been on Contrave since October 1. I take two pills in the morning and 1 in the evening. I have lost eight pounds. My starting weight was 213 pounds. I watch what I eat and get plenty of exercise. I am a P.E. teacher so I walk no less than 5 miles a day. Sometimes I get up to nine miles if I work extra hard. I think the key to success on this medication is consistency. You did not gain the weight over night so don't expect to lose it overnight. Try a food diary and weigh yourself everyday. If you gain a few pounds pay attention to what you did to gain the weight. If you lost weight pay attention to what works for you. If you already exercise for thirty minutes a day try an hour. No matter what don't give up. free discount card

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