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Way of contracting hep c?

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kaismama 13 Mar 2015

Its spread with blood to blood contact. IV drug users, blood transfusions,anything such as using a razor blade after someone else has and they had hep c and cut themselves a bit. for nurses its classically needle sticks. It can lie dormant for years so finding the mode of transmission is difficult.

zenn211 13 Mar 2015

Hello mtpockets,
The Hepatitis C virus is contracted by coming in contact with an infected person's blood.
Those individuals using IV drugs are at a huge risk and having blood transfusions are another way of contacting this virus, especially before 1994 when they began testing and filtering blood before giving transfusions.
Yet, it can be contracted from using someone's toothbrush or razor blade, or even a silly cut.
If you visit the hep c now website, or the CDC website you will learn more detail.
Good luck and enjoy the rest of your day.

Happy4now 13 Mar 2015

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