Shouldn't it of killed all the worms living in me on the first dose? Also how long should I wait before being intimate with my fiance. We are getting married in a month and a half and need to know when it won't be an issue of passing the worms back and forth. Him and I do not have sex and are waiting till wedding night but we do one other intimate thing and I think he might have caught it from me. He is going on albenza. But I want to be able to enjoy our wedding night without frett of worms still. Also Should I still be feeling the worms in my behind if I took Albenza 1 week ago. Next 400 mg will be taken on the 2 week mark. How many times will I have to take Albenza after the first time prescribed? Please tell me this will do the trick? Plus i paid $200 for the med. I can't afford the money to take anymore. Please help.