Contraceptive implant help had the contraceptive implant in my arm for 3 years, when it was time to come out the GP could not feel it?
I was then sent for an ultrasound and x-ray and none showed it up. it is definitely in the arm they are checking as the scar is there and you could feel it when it was first put in.
The GP has been in contact and said that I now have to get a chest x-ray incase it has moved there and to go to a sexual health clinic where they will scan it again and take blood to send off to Holland to look for traces of the implant.
they have send said depending on the results a mri might be needed

This is all getting out of hand now and i just want it all sorted.
Has anyone had any experiences of this before ?
Where do they take the blood from as the GP said it needs to be them that does it

I have not got fat or anything that would hide it (GP said that sometimes happens to heavier people )