... antibiotics (valtrex) and have to take them both continually. I have been on BC for six months and have never missed a pill and have always taken them within thirty minutes of eachother. They did some switching but I'm back on sprintec. I do not take the placebo week because I cannot have a period because my levels drop too low. However, I was just spitting for three months and just recently stopped. After that, my boyfriend and I had sex and used a condom and it was okay but I had light spotting after again but it stopped later that day. Yesterday, he and I had sex again and this time the xondom broke but he doesn't believe he came at all let alone inside me (we have False alarms like that sometimes). And I am lightly spotting again today. It's a dark brown and slightly dark red. The spotting before (for the three month) was brown. And I am cramping on and odd. What are the odds of pregnancy do you think? I'm really worried and freaking out. He says I'm okay but I need reassurance