I suffered dislocated shoulder, with 2 fractures seen commonly with traumatic injury from a fall. Also almost 5 mo later following unsuccessful PT progression, MRI showed complete severe rotator cuff tear of all tendons, plus bicep tendon complete tear. I continue to suffer from varying degrees of pain, intense burning pain around my right scapula, severe muscle spasms which radiate up and over right shoulder and continue in bicep/upper arm, RUE numbness radiating down my arm to fingers. Severe pain when I lean forward or bend over, lie back or recline position. This pain is comparable to the suffering I endured prior to surgical repair. MD has mentioned inflammation of muscle and bursa... bursitis. MD stated a lot of scar tissue causing loud popping and grinding noises with movement involving shoulder and scapula. 16 months since original injuries, surgery done for repairs and the impact of continued pain is devastating me... psychological, physical, mental. I am healthy 55 yo female who cannot function daily as I did before. I am a 25+yr ER nurse, my knees are shot, back pain is with me always, but what I am enduring now has impacted my professional career. I have been medical restrictions since the fall, 16 mo ago and fearful of losing my job within the VA acute care healthcare system. I am 55, injured, limited physically impacting performance of my duties as nursing manager. I don't know what to do or where to turn for guidance and assistance in reaching a resolution and successful recovery. another MD, a third consult? continue taking so much NSAIDS that I will probably be battling AKI or failure in future... I don't want to end with frozen shoulder or rotator cuff disease, but feel that either or both are infiltrating me and my life insidiously taking all joy away