I have a decayed molar that is rotten in the inside. Until I can get it extracted the doctor gave me some codeine 30mg + paracetamol 500mg. That wasn't working so the doctor prescribed me Tramadol 200mg SR.

Around 2pm I took the first pill, it was good and it relieved my pain. It also woke me up a little which was good because I hadn't slept the night before because I was in pain. The pain relief lasted a good 10 hours and around 2 am I took another pill. (The chemist told me a max of 2 pills a day, my pre-scription was 1 a day)

I had a wank, and stayed up till about 5am in the morning. (So I hadn't slept for 40+ hours) When I woke up the next morning I had a massive headache, felt dizzy when I stood up, and threw up anything I ate. This sickness lasted the entire day and now around 1 am the headache & sickness has gone away.

So If I were to take the right amount prescribed to me of 200 mg SR a day would I still have those symtoms? Could the headache/sickness have been becuase the high dose I took for my first time of 400 mg, the 2 days of lack of sleep I had prior to taking the medication, or/and the wanking?

I would like to know becuase I am still in alot of pain but the headache/sickness (even though didn't have too much pain) was still really bad too.