Hi guys. I was on Fluoxetine 10mg for about 6 weeks, and I didn't feel anything, so I raised it to 20mg. After just few days, I started to feel huge improvements in my depression problems, OCD, and specially social anxiety. And I didn't have suicidal inclinations anymore. After about a month, I visited my psychiatrist again, and he advised me to raise it to 40mg. For some reasons*, plus the fact that I did not trust him much, I did something foolish. I decided to change to Sertraline. So I stopped taking Fluoxetine, waited 4 days, and then started taking Sertraline 50mg.

It's been 8 days now (so 12 days from stopping Fluoxetine), and I'm gradually having my depression, OCD and social anxiety back. I don't want my suicidal thoughts come back, because it hurts me so much. Besides that, I'm having insomnia (or maybe it's a change in sleep cycle, idk), plus sexual dysfunction, and I my eyes often go black when I stand up. Now, I want good results back, as soon as possible. What should I do, continue Sertraline or changing back to Fluoxetine? Does Fluoxetine kick in quickly this time? Please don't advise me talking to the psychiatrist, that's not an option for me right now.

*Some of the reasons I decided to change to Sertraline:

- I was having lowered blood pressure with Fluoxetine. I have always had a low blood pressure, so this extra drop was annoying. I feared that 40mg Fluoxetine may make it worse.

- While on Fluoxetine, I didn't have much difficulties falling asleep, but the quality of the sleep was awful.

- My brother, who has problems similar to mine, has had not a good experience with high doses of Fluoxetine, and said that Sertraline is working much better for him.

- Whenever I take Metoclopramide, which is a Dopamine antagonist, it makes me awfully depressed. So I thought maybe I have some problems with my Dopamine levels. Thus, Sertraline which has some small Dopamine reuptake inhibition effect may be a better choice.