Been using Patanol for 5 years and have had no problems with my eyes until recently I started getting headaches, my eyes were acting up so bad I thought it was because I had severe dry eyes. Used eye lubricant for 24 hours and I'm worse. Pinkeye is a possibility that I just realized. Patanol is great for pinkeye but I can't stand the headaches, watering eyes, stings and burns along with blurred vision and now the crusty lids. I'm just using cold compresses and cleaning my eyes and if I don't strain my eyes I'm ok. Did the pinkeye cause the symptoms and not the Patanol? I can't see the Doctor until Monday. Should I continue using Patanol until then. I also thought perhaps the loss of my prescription eyeglasses and unable to afford them, after almost two years could be the problem. I'm stuck. I'm due for my two year eye appointment in May and if I get cheaper glasses now with my lapsed referral and I end up needing a new prescription, I would have to pay all of it, instead of 250$ coverage. I picked out my new glasses May 2015, with the usual tint and insurance figuring that I would owe like 80$, but I didn't know that in two years the cost for that more than doubled. I just can't afford them. Do I need to see the Eye Doctor? Is this eye problem due to not wearing glasses? I just don't know what to do.