For a long time I've struggled with anxiety/depression but it got really bad this year. I started taking Lexapro (well, Teva-Escitalopram actually) on April 14 starting with 5 mg for 6 days and then increasing to 10 mg. So this is the beginning of my 6th week at 10 mg. I was at a really low point when I began taking the medication and compared to that point, I am doing better. During these weeks taking it, there have been periods where I've believed it was working (I've felt more focused, interested, etc.) but lately I've been experiencing more lows and still a lot of pretty intense anxiety. The other issue is that I have bad insomnia. The two days before I started the medication I had bad sleep issues (woke up at 3:30 or 4:30 and couldn't get back to sleep at all) but prior to that I could usually sleep okay (wake up around 5:30 and not back to sleep, but I get up at 6:15 anyway). Since being on Lexapro I've had to take Trazodone every night and even on it, I often wake up at 12:30 and then 2:30 and then can't really sleep after that. I also get burning/tingling skin sensations, especially at night, which may contribute to the insomnia. Is there any chance that things will improve at this point? I would consider increasing my dose but I don't want to aggravate the insomnia and if the insomnia is never going to go away, I don't think I can stay on this medication long term (then again, maybe the insomnia is not actually due to the Lexapro).