Hello Everybody, New to drugs.com, find it an interesting website with lots of helpful info.
I have been on Citalopram for about 4 months (before that Sertraline which was average for me, but helped considerably in the long term) (both meds for ocd and depression).
After speaking to my doctor i increased the dosage to 30 mg 4 weeks & 3 days ago because it i was not feeling much of it. Now that i am on 30 mg, still not feeling much of a difference and anxiety nervousness is still there. Does help me function ok and make me sleep well, but it seems not to have the desired effect. It also makes me feel extremely tired, this run down feeling, still get annoyed, agitated by little things, tendency to worry and overthink and does not make me really relaxed enough.

Yesterday morning and the morning before I felt very relaxed for a while but then the feeling wears of, as if the med is working for 1-2 hours and then effect decreases.

My question is should i
- 1. Stay on 30 mg for about a week and see how i feel, if no difference gradually increase the dosage (35 mg then 40 mg)?
-2. Or else taper down and go back to Sertraline or try another ssri?

The problem with the second option is as some of you may have experienced is that changing to another srri can be a difficult process, e.g. symptoms of depression and ocd increasing, side effects etc.
(for me it was a difficult transition from Sertraline to Citalopram)

I am slightly disappointed with Citalopram, was expecting more of it. Hopefully an increase will do the trick

I would appreciate some advice of people who have used Citalopram for some time and also had to increase their dosage or add another med to it

Kind Regards :-)