i am 21 year old male, i suffered a nodule cystic acne 6 months a go, my derm prescribed me a isotretenion course for 6 months, dosage in 1st week 20 mg cap a day, and from 2nd week 20 mg twice a day. commonly i suffered from an extreme noudule o cystic breakouts, but it starts clearing out in just 45 to 50 days. after 90 days i stop taking capsoules because of some non mediacl reason, and till that time it was 90% cleared unless some sacrs and red skin indicating former breakouts, now after 3 months i feel herpes on my face where breakouts were held, and some times it looks like a breakout is going to be occur, but it almostly disapear when i woke up in the morning but my skin turn red on that place guys i am really looking for help plz help? and sorry for my english