I was first prescribed generic Lexapro at 5mg for anxiety by my doctor on November 8, 2018 and have been taking it ever since. I was on 5mg for a month before she upped my dosage to 10mg which I have been on since December 7, 2018. Before my doctor prescribed me the 10mg, I described to her how I was feeling and how I had come to determine based off my newfound understanding of Relationship OCD that I had it and that the thoughts and behaviors I was experiencing were in line with OCD. My doctor being a regular doctor and not a specialist over OCD couldn't tell me anything on OCD but did ask if I wanted to be referred to a psychiatrist. I let her know that at the time that wasn't the direction I wanted to go just yet. Well fast forward to a month later and I'm still at the 10mg but honestly I don't feel that I feel any much better with my anxiety and OCD thoughts. Sometimes it doesn't feel so bad but compared to how I was expecting to feel on this medicine especially after reading other's experiences on this website about how it completely transformed their lives, it's a bit discouraging. Granted I've read that most people who deal with OCD need a much higher dosage of medicine, but I don't know, at the same time I don't want to get myself carried away because I would like to be able to manage it without medicine at some point so I don't want to up my dosage too much. My concern about switching over to Zoloft is that the side effects will be much worse. The only consistent side effect I've felt with generic lexapro is the tired/drowsy feeling, but switching over to taking it at night has helped me a lot. So because it hasn't reached 3 months yet, I'm trying to be patient with it and give it a chance, but I'm contemplating on whether or not I should up my dosage to 15mg or switch to Zoloft. Any experience you've had with these meds would be greatly appreciated. Also, keep in mind that with either of these meds, I'll have to be taking the generic version of them because my insurance doesn't cover them. The name brand version would cost me over $300 a month.