Is it safe to continue with Chantix if I still smoke? I have been smoking for 49 years, I tried to stop few times, but nothing helped, just reduced the amount I smoked, my question - I started Chantix it's now 35 days, but I still smoke, I cut down from much over a pack to up to 10 a day the most, I have a lot of side effects and I am still willing to continue taking it, because of health issues, my desire to smoke diminished greatly but still cant stop completely, what should I do? When I get up in the morning that is the worst, I try to prolong it but then I light up. One other problem, is that my husband is a heavy smoker, and not willing to stop. Should I continue with Chantix even though I still smoke, I don't want to cause more damage to my body then I already did with smoking for so many years