I had a major panic attack in 2012 after drinking a Monster energy/coffee drink. Got sent home from work as I was hyperventilating and my body went into fight or flight mode and I had red splotches on my chest and arms. We have nurses on the job so I was checked out by one and given benadryl and sent home. Ever since, I have panic attacks constantly. While yes, I have anxiety... my issue is the panic attacks that are debilitating. I read these reviews and most say it helps their anxiety, what about panic attacks? I'm scared to take this medicine bc of fear it will make my panic attacks worse. My anxiety of having a panic attack leads up to the panic attack. I feel these panic attacks have taken my life away and I tear up reading these reviews bc I don't feel alone and like there is hope I can be normal again. I just want to know there is someone out there like me who has constant panic attacks (shakes, dizzy, feels like someone sitting on chest) and that lexapro helped. I was preacribed 10 mg last year and didn't take bc I didnt think I could handle anxiety getting worse while waiting for it to kick in. I have bad insomnia as well and the doc gave me trazadone last week since anxiety has prevented me from sleep. I have taken that once and I wasn't completely impressed... I slept but I'm not sure if it was the meds or the fact I had been up 3 days in a row and my body crashed. Anyhow, I told the doc I hadn't taken my lexapro still amd he gave me a 5mg dose and said we would start there and titrate. I have 7 ativan in my purse he prescribed me last year so I could take a road trip. I'm proud to say I've never taken 1 but I'm thinking I may need something to go along with lexapro until it kicks in after 4-6 weeks. My panic attacks have lasted 8 hours and I take nothing. I'm miserable and can't keep up this "no medicine" approach. I see a psychologist off and on and I have a 4 week wait before he can see me. Any feedback is greatly appreciated. I have read these reviews over and over for a month now and thought I would reach out.