Three weeks ago my 28 yr. old son was given sample packets of viibryd by his psychiatrist; he had just lost his job and could not afford to buy the Rx.
He was suicidal and desperate to feel better so he could find another job and deal with other financial issues - like holding on to his car - that come with the loss of a job.
This medicine was like "magic" and within three days he had two new jobs and was feeling "better than normal." I was so relieved and grateful.
I called the drug company and asked if they would send him an application for help paying for the Rx until his insurance kicks in. The woman I spoke to was brusk and downright mean, but said she'd send the info.

I'm worried sick because the info. hasn't come yet and my son is quickly running out of the samples. I searched this site for a "contact us" place for the makers of Viibryd but cannot find one.

Does anyone have an idea on how I could reach them or, even better, speed up this process? Thank you SO MUCH for being here.