So I have been eating a junk food in the past couple of months. I never use to binge like this before. Anyway lately I've been noticing I make less trips to the bathroom and my abdomen feels really hard when I touch it. It's almost like I have a bunch of gas and crap inside of me. I'm wondering if this might be a severe problem with my digesting since I've been on a bad diet for a few months. But before I go to the doctor I would like to see if I could get some relief from a laxative or something.

I have drank magnesium citrate before and it did work. I just kept eating horribly after that. This time I might try it again but definitely quit the junk and eat a more fiber filled diet. I have stopped taking probiotics for a while as well. I think I should start taking them because they did help me release healthy looking stools.