IF anyone one can relate I would be pleased to hear how you deal with this issue. My daughter is 5yrs old and has had chronic constipation with overflow for as long as i can remember to start with the drs said she would out grow it and did nothing then 18 months ago finally refered her to the hospital. Since then we have been in twice to have what they call a clear out however the bowel is not resizing and within 6-8 weeks she is impacted again after the most recent visit to the consultant my daughter is now on 4 different types of medication but still this doesnt seem to be doing very much. My daughter is completly unaware of when she needs to go to the toilet and we have in practice the toilet routine reward charts everything you can think of i have tried. If anyone can give advice to a mum that is out of things to try as i just dont know what else to try my daughter is at school and at the moment a happy loving child yet already the bullies have started and i dont want my happy child ending up a sad and lonely one thanks