I've always had bad urinary tract infections. But the last 5 years have been hell. I have them so bad they have become resistant. Extended Spectrum Beta Lactamase infections... three of those in eight months. Hospitalization and pic lines three times in 8 months. Home health care. I'm only 43 years old. I've been fired from my job because I've been sick for so long and was out quite often. I flew to Fort Lauderdale to remove the bladder sling thinking it would fix it. I ended up almost dying with pelvic abscesses two weeks later. It didn't fix it. Several doctors. Two urologists. Two infectious disease doctors. Now I have no insurance due to losing my job. I can't afford my meds and I can't afford to go to the doctor. Sometimes... I think I will die from this. Sepsis is just a matter of time if I can't go to a doctor. I've tried EVERYTHING. Or everything I've read about. Even when its a "simple" infection (whew) The antibiotics make me have mouth and esophugus yeast infections. I even take macrobid after sex. Please help me before something bad happens to me. I'm desperate. :(