Since January 2015 I had so many issues with my digestive system (Constipation, bloating, you name it) . Last year I started to experience a very weird issue. This happened to me once a week, and whenever I finished eating, It felt like I have a panic attack , not quite but close. I couldn't sit down, I had to walk or escape the scene. Couple of times I freaked out badly. I should mention I had 2 very bad panic attacks before that, just because of caffeine. The last time I went to the restaurant same thing happened to me . I had to go to the washroom because I couldn't stay with friends anymore. I kept walking and thinking something bad iss gonna happen. After couple of hours I felt OK. Now here is the issue. The next day I woke up, and I had a very uncomfortable feeling in my chest, a panicky feeling, combined with pressure on my chest. It exactly feels like you're going to hear a shocking news (that's the feeling i'm talking about) . I went to the hospital and they gave me Lorazepam which worked for me but made very sleepy. The next day I saw my family doctor and hey gave my cipralex ( it started working after 6 weeks, so i didn't have those feelings in my chest) . However it stopped working after a month. Again another doctor gave me Effexor XR 150mg, that also worked after 12 weeks for a month and stopped working. The doctor now is giving me Abilify along with Effexor xr, seems to work a bit (but with horrible side effects, specially headaches, flu like symptoms and nausea ). What are your suggestions guys, have you ever experienced something like this before? And what was the solution? (propranolol doesn't work at all ! ) .

Please note this feeling is constant, I'm not anxious at all, no stress, and no family or job related issues. These physical symptoms bother me a lot !

Thanks a lot