Amitiza made me extremely ill because of dangerous swelling problems. I've read about Linzess and know it will affect my system also. In another life, I was a professional regarding drugs behind the counter in a retail situation but that was 20 years ago, before I became very ill.
My extremities swell greatly on their own without adding these things to the mix. A person can only choke down so much Activia but still must have the constant assistance of laxative suppositories. Bulk acting things which are mixed and swallowed are not an option for me. Because of constant pain, prescribed pain meds are in the picture. Along with HCTZ, Potassium Chloride is taken as well. What could you suggest I use? Haven't been in "the biz" for 20 years but try to keep up with everything. If you have a private site, I can go into greater detail. Thank You.