I've never really suffered from depression or anxiety but I started feeling anxious about a month ago and it's been getting steadily worse. I went to a doctor almost two weeks ago after I went to the ER for a panic attack. I'm a 25 year old college student, and I was studying for an exam when my chest started getting tight and I couldn't breathe. I really thought I was having a heart attack, they gave me 1ml of Ativan intravenously and that put me to sleep about 45 minutes later. The doctor at the clinic started me on lexapro, which I was really hopeful about but it's been almost 2 weeks and it's done nothing. I can't sleep, my legs shake and twitch, my chest hurts all the time, my throat closes up, I pick at my skin, tear up, and I'm incredibly irritable all the time. I've been missing classes because the thought of going just makes me freak out, which then makes me angry because I really do want to go to class but I feel like I literally can't. The doctor said she would call to see how things were going but she hadn't. I've tried calling her for the past 3 days but every time she's not in. I can't afford to go back to the ER. Please if anyone has any advice on how to cope with anxiety or how to find immediate treatment please let me know.