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Consistency high blood pressure,what is the cause?

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Srr1111 4 Mar 2017

Without more information there's really no way to even guess what the cause may be--- your best bet is likely to ask your PCP why they think it is consistently high. If you aren't taking them already, your doctor may also prescribe medication to lower your blood pressure and/or offer dietary changes that may help.

Windchimes123 4 Mar 2017

Hi Mushili,
I agree with Ssrr.
I assume you are not already on BP meds.
Ok ... here are some thoughts:

DIETARY - Salt is a killer. Throw away your salt shaker. Some people don't have an issue but most do.
Prepared, canned, frozen all need preservatives.
Try and eat fresh. Avoid salty foods like ham.
ACTIVITY - Aerobics (running, walking ... anything that gets your heart pumping and lungs deep breathing). Muscle training which is stretching, exercises, weights etc.
Start slow and gradually increase.
STRESS - Emotional stress affects your BP especially if it's constantly every day.
HEREDITY - You could be doing every thing right but still have high BP.
KIDNEY - Kidney damage causes your heart to work harder.
The problem is that having constant high BP can cause kidney disease.

BASICALLY... Live a well-balanced healthy existence with little stress and you still may get high bp. At least you will know you tried !
You are smart to try doing it on your own because once you are on BP meds,
It's hard to come off of them.
Best wishes
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