I have a failed spinal fusion that causes extreme, chronic pain. I am prescribed narcotics as part of a pain management program. I have taken several types, including morphine, oxycodone, Fentanyl, and currently methadone, over the past 7 years, and each has eventually caused extreme constipation and loss of peristalsis. I fear developing megacolon, - I have already had obstructions and ileus. Would Zelnorm be appropriate for me? I am a 59 yo female, in good health with no cardiac conditions or other problems other than the physical limitations and pain from my spinal condition. I do not smoke nor do I drink alcohol. I am willing to face contrindications and risks, as the pain, bloating and discomfort of my bowel problem is almost impossible to live with. Conversely, I have almost zero quality-of-life without treating my chronic pain. Do you think I qualify for treatment with Zelnorm? Please answer, my pain management physician seldom sees me, and instead I'm treated by his ARNP who is rather cavalier about my intestinal problem. He tends to minimize it's significance. I routinely take ducosate sodium (200 mg) and a senna laxative every night, and this keeps me somewhat regular, most of the time, but when the severe constipation strikes, it seems like nothing will relieve it. I take absolutely massive doses of senna laxatives, MOM, epsom salts, and Ex-Lax and this has just barely kept me from the emergency room. The bloating is incredible and the pain is almost unbearable. When the peristalsis stops, NOTHING moves, and my discomfort is awful. Please help me, if you can. Thank you so much.