I have been on Prozac for about a month, and I started at 10 mg on December 2, 2015, then I went to 20 mg a week later, where I remained on that dosage. I was on celexa 10 mg for a month, right before I went to Prozac. The reason I went to Prozac was because I felt that celexa wasn't doing as good of a job as I would've liked for it to have done. Basically, I felt that I could do better. So now, I've been on Prozac for a month, and I have an appointment with my doctor in about a week. But the reason I'm considering going to celexa is because right now I feel kind of depressed and down troddened. I feel that that is due to Prozac. I know that antidepressants take time to work, and I've given it a little over a month, yet as of last week I feel kind of worried about life and depressed. At this point in celexa, I feel that I wouldn't be mildly down. Before I went on Prozac, which was my idea to do, my doctor wanted to up my celexa to 15 mg. I don't know whether I should increase my dosage of Prozac or go back on celexa. I'm considering both, but personally I don't know if increasing Prozac would continue to make me feel down, just as I feel now, in a month. I also think celexa was better for me than Prozac. Please help.