Congestive Heart Failure - I am a 41 year old female who was diagnosed with CHF earlier this year. Looking back, I had symptoms of the disease which I ignored or thought were caused by other things. I went to the ER in April because I could not shake a cough. I had not slept in months and was extremely tired. I was diagnosed with CHF and COPD, had 3 stents placed in my heart and am on several different medications. Although I feel better than I did, I am still extremely fatigued. Sometimes I get very confused and can not focus. I am also experiencing left arm pain. It feels as if it is being squeezed in a vice grip. MY GP has put me on a muscle relaxer, saying I must have pulled a muscle. I can not stress how painful it is and the muscle relaxer just helps me sleep. Can anyone relate to this? It seems to be more painful when I excercise or even walk a flight of stairs. Cardialogist has simply ignored my complaints