Hi, newbie here. Was diagnosed with Myalgic Encephalomyelitis/Chronic Fatigue Syndrome for 20 years. Then it was thought that I may have A.D.D. Then Clinical Depression and Anxiety. Then, after extensive time with a Psychiatrist: P.T.S.D & O.C.D. with subsequent anxiety and depression.
I'm getting more confused as time goes on. I know something is DEFINITELY NOT RIGHT... (am back to being a barely functioning human being yet again! :-( ) Just wish I had some definitive diagnosis so I could choose a course of medications most wisely. Didn't have any Natural Killer Cells at one time, which would be indicative of my initial Chronic Fatigue Syndrome diagnosis. No Energy. Zip. Nada. Definitely down. Do relapse badly if I push myself physically and or mentally. Feel 'flat-lined' most days. Am taking 20 mg. Lexapro right now, with a very low dosage of SeroquelXR (50 mg at night for sleep) Barely managing simple self care with minimal other activity. Well, that's it for now, am off to bed. This site looks incredibly interesting... now, if only I could find the energy to read more... :-( AnnieBHappy... (should say 'AnnietryingtogetHappy'/Well) Yes, think I may just change my profile name to: AnnieBWell