Back about a year ago I inadvertently put myself into hyperthyroid. For several weeks, while trying to avoid taking antibiotics for a bad tooth, I began juicing high vitamin C fruits and veggies, drinking and/or eating them shortly after taking my levothyroxine meds. Only to end up in emerg with a severe panic attack that took weeks to settle which came about mostly due to decreases my thyroid meds. I did find out not long afterwards that vitamin c enhances the absorption of the thyroid meds. Initially I was taking 162mcg and reduced that at the beginning of this year to 150. At some point around May for whatever reason I can't recall now, I added back the 1/4 pill and went back to 162. Needed renewal on meds so TSH requested by doctor. That result came back low so I requested full blood work up including ft3 and ft4 which took place only 5 days after the initial TSH testing. I had reduced the 1/4 pill again but only by three days when the second testing was done.

TSH August 17th - 0.06 norm being 0.30-5.60

Results came in as:August 22
TSH - 0.07
ft3 - 5.0 norm being 2.9-6.0
ft4 - 20.0 norms 7.0-21.0

Just received results of same testing after 5 weeks, results that I am confused about... October 1
TSH - 0.04
ft3 - 5.4
ft4 - 15.9

Why would my TSH go down on reducing my levothyroxine? My free T3 and free T4 look great but again, free t3 went up?