Hello,I am still confused why i was prescribed Seroquel,I know what the drug is used for and i was having a bad manic psychotic state when i was put on them,However if they are using these for a major depressive episode then my psychiatrist has completely defeated the object,Now 4-5 months on these my family life is suffering as i am stuck in bed all day and dont look after myself properly,My partner does look after me but cant force me to bath or shave,Im basically lifeless in motivation but still want better out of life but these quetiapine are just making me flat,Not zombied,That stage has worn off hence me getting more uptight and psychosis is starting to rear it's ugly head again,The psychiatrist says he put me on them as a mood stabilizer,So i thought i would get another opinion off my doc who just says,We have put you on them as a mood stabilizer,So it's a closed shop,What i want to know is, A mood stabilizer for what? That answer ranges from mild depression to anxiety and another 101 conditions,I am on 25mgs morning and 25mgs at night but im going to need an increase as they are wearing off fast,They also put me on sertraline but they dont agree with me and i dont see my doc or psychiatrist for another week,I was diagnosed,Borderline personality disorder,Post traumatic stress disorder,Anxiety disorder,OCD,and Depression,The only way out is to up the quetiapine for my psychosis but then i have no life,Bedridden through lack of interest,Sorry to harp on but this is doing my head in not getting a diagnoses because at least i would know what i am supposed to be fighting if that makes any sense? Im too long in the tooth to be told swallow these and shut up,Am i Bi polar,Schizo affective disorder,Schizophrenic i do not think i am,Not in denial i just dont have all of them symptoms going on but the first two i do,Surely they should have to tell me what i am being treated for otherwise i am going to stop seeing them and this concerns me due to my psychosis and medication.Any help would be most grateful as i am lost and frustrated here,Not to mention angry with the psychiatrist and doctor.